The Institute of Ecumenical Studies in San Bernardino Veneziano, next to the License triggered by the 2010-11 two Masters, one in Ecumenical Theology: Ecumenical memory. Sources and traditions of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

The Grim in interreligious dialogue: the theological-anthropological, historical and legal foundations of interreligious dialogue. Both courses of the two Master have one year for a total of 60 credits, equal to 1500 hours and can be followed both in e-learning.




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Biblioteca San Francesco della Vigna

Biblioteca San Francesco della Vigna

The Convent library, whose origin date back to the XIII century, after several hardships is now a provincial library and support the Institute of Ecumenic Studies. The Library has a vast book holdings consisting of an old archive made up of about 30.000 books and a modern one made up of about 80.000. In addition, the library has the magazine section counting 665 newpapers (363 current, 302 stopped).